Project Consulting Services

Value Improving Practices (VIPs) / Best Practices

Value Improving Practices (VIPs) are a set of 12 defined engagements that a project team can undergo in order to improve cost, schedule, and/or reliability of major capital projects. Each VIP has a specific process, and is applied to the entire project scope, using a trained facilitator external to the project team.

When applied properly, VIPs have been shown by Independent Project Analysis (IPA) to have a statistical correlation with improved project performance.

APS has significant experience applying VIPs for major capital projects worldwide. We consolidate complementary VIPs in a concentrated exercise that adds maximum value with a minimum commitment of time and resources. Approaching VIPs on a program basis allows for a gathering of the right audience at the right time, including both project team members and third-party "cold eye" experts, in order to complete multiple VIPs in a single engagement. The APS VIP Program yields high returns by maximizing project value while minimizing overall VIP investment. VIP workshops typically led by APS include (but are not limited to) Class of Facility Quality, Design-to-Capacity, Constructability, Technology Selection, and Value Engineering.

We deliver:

  • Consolidated VIPs – Leveraged complementary VIPs to support scheduling and to realize greater return on investment.
  • Optimum Participation – Participation by the appropriate individuals, including the project team and third-party "cold-eye" experts, for continuity across the VIPs and to minimize travel time and costs.
  • Consistent Documentation – Results and action items from the various VIPs in a consistent format to support follow-up.