Project Risk Management

Ongoing Risk Management Support

At the heart of the APS approach is the systematic integration of all of the engagement outputs into the critical project documents – the ones that drive project activity. Risk management plans are incorporated into execution plans with updated or new deliverables. This detailed information is then incorporated into the project schedule.

We deliver:

  • A Customized Approach – A fit-for-purpose strategy for Ongoing Management Support, that bridges gaps between unique risk management needs and project team capabilities.
  • Risk and Mitigation Reviews – Periodic updates (usually quarterly) to the probabilistic risk models and the Project Risk Register that ensure that both risks and the Risk Register are being kept evergreen, and that the action items are being implemented.
  • Execution Plan Update Support – Support for project teams in incorporating risk mitigation strategies into the appropriate execution plans.
  • Schedule Update Support – Support for the project planner/scheduler in updating the project schedule to include current execution and mitigation plans.