About APS

APS provides world-class proven risk analysis and management solutions. Our products and tools facilitate the approval and prioritization of major capital and mega-project investments and project portfolios worldwide, as well as the planning and execution of those projects, in order to mitigate risk and maximize investment returns.

What We Do

  • Create value for our clients
  • Provide accurate and transparent results
  • Demonstrate integrity in everything we do
  • Demonstrate uncompromising commitment to quality
  • Provide local solutions with global perspective

About APS/APSolutions, LLC (Advanced Project Solutions)

  • Unmatched Capital Project Experience – APS has consulted on several hundred major capital projects (CAPEX $25 Million to $40 Billion), including more than fifty megaprojects (CAPEX >$1 Billion).
  • Integrated Risk Management Approach – APS applies risk management expertise throughout the project life cycle, from early concept development through the final investment decision and project execution.
  • Global Reach – APS has worked in more than twenty countries on six continents, and on projects including government and joint venture partner representatives.
  • Global Reputation – APS is recognized globally as a premier provider of project risk management consulting services for major capital projects.
  • Fortune 100 Clientele – APS clients are well represented on the Fortune 100 list and include some of the best known companies in the world.
  • ISO 31000 Risk Management Principles and Guidelines – The APS approach to Integrated Risk Management aligns with all eleven principles for managing risk included in ISO 31010 Risk Management Principles and Guidelines (ISO/IEC 31000:2009).